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Key$oul is a rapper based in Benton Harbor, Michigan. He started making music as a way to express himself and tell the stories of the things him and those around him have experienced. As he began releasing singles such as "Vibe With Me","Power",& "Motive" he quickly began building a fanbase. As the positive feedback began rolling in it encouraged him to not only create more music, but to create a clothing line for his fans. 
Key$oul launched the Key Purpose clothing line at the beginning of 2019 and a new collection called Struggle & Manifest launched winter of 2019. You can shop Key Purpose clothing here
His current single is "Is You With It?" which is streaming on all platforms. He is releasing his new project called "Struggle & Manifest" in the first quarter of 2020. Make sure you are following him on all social media platforms & subscribe to his mailing list for the latest news, tour dates, and specials on his clothing line! 

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